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Relive your childhood with ‘The LEGO Movie’


Sean Walker
Collegiate Staff

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LegoMovie copyCreativity runs deep in The LEGO Movie, which tells the story of Emmett, voiced by Chris Pratt, an ordinary Lego minifigure who has been taught all his life to always follow the instructions. But when he finds a red brick underground, Emmett gets mistaken for being the “Special,” the one who will save the universe according an ancient prophecy.

Swept into an incredible adventure aided by an old mystic (Morgan Freeman), a tough young lady (Elizabeth Banks) and a certain dark knight (Will Arnett), Emmett will have to unlearn his instructions and discover the power of imagination to stop Lord Business (Will Ferrell), who intends to destroy the Lego universe by gluing it together.

Part stop motion and part animation, The LEGO Movie offers treats for children and adults alike by showing just how creative and awesome you can be when you use your imagination and believe in yourself and those around you.

I can honestly say that I wasn’t expecting this movie to be as cool as turned out. I’ve always enjoyed Legos, but I was a little skeptical about how well it would hold up: would it be as popular as Legos themselves?

Well the movie not only did that, but it went far enough above in its awesomeness and creativity that even the most skeptical of moviegoers may find themselves entertained. It was as if the directors had discovered Legos for the first time in history and made it popular to everyone else.

Between the use of stop motion and the use of computer animation, The LEGO Movie couldn’t be more different from any Lego film you can find online. It looks and feels so heartwarming, creative and entertaining that one could say it came purely out of the imagination of the directors, no cast or crew necessary. And that’s why it’s so great: it feels like an instant classic.

Whether you play with Legos or not, this movie will give you something to enjoy, be it the comedy genius of Will Ferrell, Will Arnett’s take on Batman or the creativity of the classic “a nobody saves everybody” story.

This is a true case of a movie capturing the childlike glee of its source material by showing how popular Legos are and, perhaps more importantly, how wonderful the imagination is. The LEGO Movie’s theme song is titled “Everything is AWESOME!!!” And the song couldn’t be more right or perfect: everything about this movie is awesome.

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