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St. Cecilia Music Center hosts ‘A Family Reunion’


Photo by Kate Casey
“Homecoming- a Family Reunion” artists reunite on the stage at St. Cecilia Music Center for a jazz performance.

By Kate Casey

The artists shared more than just a stage during “Homecoming – a Family Reunion” at St. Cecilia Music Center Jan. 23, they shared a kinship.

Xavier Davis, Quincy Davis and Matt Brewer returned home to Grand Rapids to play one show with their fathers: jazz singer and former Director of Vocal Music at Grand Rapids Community College, Duane Davis, and Aquinas’ Director of Instrumental Music, Paul Brewer.

Davis was welcomed back to Grand Rapids Community College with open arms by former friends and colleagues as he took the stage to join his two sons and the Brewers. Davis captivated audience members with his voice emanating soul and passion.

The Royce auditorium was filled with an audience who partook in the unique jazz experience with five talented musicians performing together for the first time.

With the start of each song, audience members began to bob their heads in rhythm until outbursts and whistles greeted the end of each song.  Davis stood in front of the crowd with a smile that radiated throughout the auditorium.

As the musicians carried their raw sound and emotion through the auditorium for two hours the audience experienced their passion.

“I look out into the audience and I see so many of you,” Davis said. “I see my Opera friends, my theatre friends, former students, all of which I went to see performances with.  You know what?  I’m up here now!”

Duane Davis had been Director of Vocal Music at Grand Rapids Community College for 39 years before transitioning to Western Michigan University where he now resides as the Instructor of Vocal Jazz.

He’s received very prestigious honors such as the Legacy and the Maynard Klein Award for Choral Excellence.

The Brewer family complimented the Davis’ performance, the younger Brewer, Matt, played a stand up bass like a child’s toy, easily moving along every note and rhythm becoming lost in the music.

His father, Professor Paul Brewer, added finesse to the jazz trombone. His performance brought in the soulful sounds you might find in a traditional jazz performance from great performers such as Big Band Voodoo Daddy or The Love Dogs.

For more information about concerts at St. Cecilia Music Center, visit their website at http://scmc-online.org/.

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