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Police Reports, Feb. 20- Feb. 25

Photo by Lauren Winther

By Lauren Winther and Jacquelyn Zeman

Disorderly Conduct


Two students started fighting in 247 Main. On the officer’s arrival to the scene he found a Grand Rapids Community College instructor dealing with a fight between two students. One student was involved in a fight with another student during class while the instructor had turned their back. The instructor had separated the two students. The instructor reported that the two exchanged heated words, and then began fighting. Other students in class reported to have said that the two have been fighting on and off throughout the semester. Both are not allowed to return to class until they speak with someone in the Student Life office.



Officers were dispatched to the Lyon Street parking ramp due to a witness who noticed two students leaving ramp without paying. Both vehicles went through the gate after other student had already paid. The witness was able to get the license plate number of both vehicles. After reviewing the surveillance tape, officers were able to do a license plate search through the Law Enforcement Information Network. Through this network, officers were able to track down the owners of the vehicles and cross reference their information in the GRCC student database. The students, who were apart of the same sports team, admitted during an interview of previously leaving the ramp without paying. Each student was feed $9 for every time they did not pay. The cashiers office was also notified to place a hold on both students account until the charge was paid.



A student’s textbook was stolen after she left it on top of the paper-towel dispenser in the Women’s restroom. Once the student realized her book had been taken, she asked anyone in the restroom and outside of it if they had seen her book, in which no one had. She then went to the campus bookstore where she was informed a women was trying to sell back the same book she had lost. The bookstore wasn’t accepting buy backs at the time and denied the suspect. The victim then went to the campus police department to report her book stolen. Officers were able to contact Brian’s Books to notify them, however they were already closed. The next day the book was returned to campus police.

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