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Landing Scare at Barcelona Airport Saturday



Clayton Cummins

By Clayton Cummins – Multimedia Editor

This week’s “You’ve GOT To See This!” video comes from Barcelona Airport. Last Saturday, a UTair pilot narrowly avoided a runway collision while attempting to land a Boeing 767 aircraft full of passengers as an Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus 340 crossed it’s path on the runway.

The video was captured by Miguel Ángel Ramírez Ruiz, an aviation enthusiast, at the airport. The scary video was uploaded to YouTube and has gained over 16 million views.

The UTAir pilot quickly aborted the landing and conducted a “go-around” maneuver. The UTair aircraft eventually came to a safe landing.

Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA) say both planes had permission to use the same runway. The distance between planes is unknown at this time.

According to the Association of Air Traffic Controllers, this was a serious indent, however there was no risk of collision. AENA has launched an investigation into Saturday’s incident.