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Police Reports for June 27


Police Reports, June 26

By Jacquelyn Zeman – News Editor



A wallet was stolen May 13 from a woman who was working in her office in the Applied Technology Center. The purse was left unattended for a little while. The wallet was stolen and $156.36 was charged to various cards from wallet. Police contacted businesses where transactions occurred. A female suspect was questioned and confirmed to be responsible for the theft.



A Ferris State University employee with an office in ATC reported two rental desktop phones were stolen. No suspects or witnesses have been found.



A backpack and car keys were reported stolen from the second floor of the ATC where they were left unattended for several minutes.

Stolen Motor Vehicle


A man driving a motorcycle was pulled over on Fountain Street for speeding. The rider gave his license and registration. The registration of the motorcycle indicated that the motorcycle did not belong to the subject. The driver said he bought the vehicle not long ago, and the registration was the old owner’s information. Police determined that the bike had been reported as stolen from the city of Portage. When police searched the man they found a knife and a plastic bag of marijuana.

During an interview, the man claimed that he purchased the motorcycle through a private owner several weeks ago. Police checked his record and learned that he had been arrested for breaking and entering in Grand Rapids. He stated that he was on probation due to that incident and admitted to stealing the motorcycle because he needed to have something to get him to and from work and school. The suspect was arrested for possession of marijuana and for stealing the motorcycle.


Damage of Property

Footprints were painted on the floor of the men’s restroom in the Heritage Restaurant in the ATC. The restaurant is currently under construction, and all damage is in the handicap stall. No suspect information currently available.


Damage of Property

A GRCC employee with an office in the ATC emailed to report graffiti in the first floor stairway at the ATC. No suspects were found and it appeared to be the same paint used to paint footprints in the Heritage restroom.



A concrete barrier was pushed over in the fourth floor exit of the parking ramp. Two suspects were spotted on camera to be struggling to get out of the parking ramp. Eventually both suspects emerged from car, and knocked over the barrier. Officials know who the suspects are, but are unable to contact them.