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Tables Turn As Truck Driver Pulls Over Cop



By Clayton Cummins – Multimedia Editor

Clayton Cummins

Welcome to the first of “You’ve GOT to See This?!” where each week I’ll be showing you news you may have missed or news I think worthy of checking out.

This week’s “You’ve GOT to See This!” was uploaded to YouTube last week. In the video, a truck driver says an Illinois State Trooper sped past him going way above the speed limit while talking on his cell phone in the rain.

The truck driver, identified as Brian Miner, honked his horn repeatedly to prompt the officer to pull over.

The officer first argued with Miner and even threatened him with a ticket for unlawful use of his horn.

After Miner told the officer he was being recorded,  watch how suddenly his demeanor changed. It’s this week “Didcha See This?!” story of the week.

By the way, pardon the title of the YouTube Clip.

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