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Police Reports for August 20


Police Reports, August 20

By Jacquelyn Zeman – News Editor

Traffic Stop Arrest


A man was observed making the incorrect turn from Lyon on to Ransom by an officer. The police stopped the vehicle and asked for the driver’s license. Police determined that his license had expired in early 2014 and that the driver had two previous suspensions. The driver said he had paid his reinstatement fee from the first suspension.

He was arrested for driving with a suspended license, and given citations for improper turn into the wrong lane and improper lane driving.

Warrant Arrest


On Crescent Street NE and Winchester, a male driver was stopped for not obeying a traffic sign. Police determined that the driver was wanted on a felony warrant for receiving and concealing stolen property from Saint Joseph, Michigan. He was arrested and taken to taken to the Kent County Correctional Facility.



A man got to his car on Fountain Street and went to get a ticket placed on the windshield of his car. While looking at the ticket, he placed wallet on the hood of car. When he looked up several minutes later, his wallet was gone. The wallet has not been recovered



A female subject’s chemistry book was stolen. The subject came into the Ford Fieldhouse to workout, and left backpack with textbook in women’s locker room. Items were left insecure in a locker. Nothing besides the textbook was stolen. The textbook’s value was $70.

A suspect was identified from Raider Card scanner as the only person who entered the locker room during time the subject was gone. Later it was confirmed not to be the particular suspect, due to the Raider Card being misplaced and used without consent of owner. A follow up investigation is still going on to identify the person who stole the textbook and Raider Card.