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GRCC Music Dept. presents ‘In China Now’ performance displaying traditional Mongolian culture

Courtesy Photo
Men Ke Na Seng, Paul Meredith, and Jerry Liu are part of The Nomads. Courtesy Photo

by Kayla Tucker, Arts & Entertainment/Features Editor

In China Now, a musical concert displaying traditional Mongolian culture like throat singing and the horse head fiddle, is coming to Grand Rapids Community College’s campus today.

The concert will feature the Nomads, a China-based music group consisting of Paul Meredith and two Inner Mongolia natives, Jerry Liu and Men Ke Na Seng. Joining the group will be Mike Cordes, Barbara Frasier, and GRCC’s own Debora DeWitt and Brandan Grinwis.

Meredith, Liu, and Na Seng, all based out of China, are excited to share the Mongolian culture “through music and experience”, as Meredith put it. Throat singing, or humai, and the use of the horse head fiddle, or matouqin, will be just part of the experience.

Paul Meredith is originally from Grand Ledge and now lives and works as a guitar teacher in Shanghai, China.

“We’re just excited to come to Grand Rapids,” Meredith said.“(We want) to make students feel excited about going out and seeing the world.”

Jerry Liu of Hohhot, China is an established musician; he plays the guitar, banjo, and is a multi-lingual singer and throat singer. Men Ke Na Seng is based in Beijing and plays professionally in a band. Na Seng plays the horse head fiddle and several other Chinese instruments and has won several awards for his throat singing and instrumental talents.

The three men plan, if time permits, to stay after the performance and talk about their Chinese culture as well as give demonstrations on the horse head fiddle and throat singing.

The performance will begin at 7:30 p.m. in GRCC’s Center Recital Hall, Room 200. Tickets are $5 for students and seniors and $10 for general admission. For more information about the group, visit inchinanow.net.

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