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Anime club offers outlet for discussion of fandom


By Jesse Lawrence – Collegiate Staff

The Anime Club is one of many clubs at Grand Rapids Community College that few are aware of. Members of the Anime Club share a common interest in Japanese anima- tion (anime) and Japanese graphic novels (manga).

According to Dale Mortensen, the Anime Club Event organizer, the purpose of the club is to “gather fellow Okatus (anime fans) together to enjoy and appreciate anime.”

The day that we sat in on consisted of watching episodes of different anime for the first two hours. While the episodes play students are free to do homework or talk quietly among themselves.

Afterwards, the club members partici- pated in a trivia game, with a chance to win one of three wigs that can be used for cosplay (dressing up as anime, video game, or movie characters). One of the winners this week was club member, Elizabeth Riegler, 19.

“I like being able to discuss (anime) I enjoy and have people to talk about it with,” Riegler said.

David Vickers, one of the club members, got into anime at a young age beginning with Pokémon. His love grew for anime when he went to his first anime convention and met a few of the students who remain in the club today.

Vickers mentioned that he loves anime because, “only in anime can you shout for five minutes and suddenly become more powerful.” Which is a reference to the char- acters in the 1990s anime Dragon Ball Z.

The club hosts various events through- out the school year. Some of their upcoming events include a pop can drive to raise funds to go to Anime Central (ACen).

The Anime Club meets every Thursday, noon to 4 p.m. in room 403 of the Science Building.

“New members are always welcome and appreciated,” said Chenelle Sirmier, club president.