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Budget cuts affect student activities and clubs on campus


By Jacquelyn Zeman – Managing/News Editor

The Grand Rapids Community College Campus Activities Board and Student Alliance budgets were reduced this fall due to this year’s 5.4 percent enrollment decline.

Funding for these groups that organize and plan events for GRCC students to attend, comes from a fee in each student’s tuition. Decreased enrollment leads to less funding. Between the two groups, their budgets started at $450,582 and have gone down to $376,538.

According to Brandon Sinclair, president of CAB, their budget was cut from $165,582 to $108,538.

“Our budget was cut because the amount of students at GRCC dropped from what they were anticipating…so they cut a few million dollars across the board,” Sinclair said.

“We brought up a draft proposed budget based off of getting around the $120,000 from the beginning of this year. That is before Raider Rally. We spent about $66,000 on Raider Rally and fall Welcome Week. So that means we only have $42,434 until April.”

The group will also be giving $4,000 to CAB for summer of 2015, and $4,000 to the Lakeshore Campus this school year to put on activities there.

They had a $30,000 rollover from the previous year, and received $108,538 to work with this year.

In regards to the possibility of still putting on the President’s Ball, Sinclair simply said, “its not going to happen.” According to Arielle Brown, president of Student Alliance, the group will be suffering a $17,000 decline from their original budget of $285,000, bringing the total to $268,000.

“We took the decline from our special projects fund,” Brown said. “There were not too many special projects that had come up since they made that fund, we just took it from there.”

Brown added that each club Student Alliance funds will not be receiving as much money this year.

“We did drop the special interest clubs down to $1000 verses getting $1500, from last year. The educational clubs are down to $500 instead of $750. All the clubs have to attend both the town hall and the collaborative meetings to get their funds.”

Brown did say that although the group will have challenges with their budget this year, they are not too worried about not having the money to do what they want for student activities.

“With the right fundraising and the right network, I think everything is possible,” Brown said.

“Granted we cannot do as much as we want, or as grand as we want, if we fund raise the right way we will be able to (pull) off this year without a hitch.”

According to Brown, the President’s Ball is “on hold.”