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Provost search committee narrows down candidates to top five


By Jacquelyn Zeman – Managing/News Editor

The search for the Grand Rapids Community College provost has been moving along, as the final candidates have been selected.

According to search team co-chair members, Jennifer Batten and Nikki Banks, the video portion of the interviews, with potential candidates, have been completed.

The five candidates will be invited to GRCC on Nov. 7 and 10 to be interviewed in person.

“At that time, they will meet with the Provost Search Committee for an in-depth interview session and with President Ender for a one to one discussion,” Batten said. “After these meetings, it is likely that the field will be further narrowed and the finalists will be invited back to the GRCC campus. At that time they will meet with the community.”

The dates for those meetings are still to be determined.

According to GRCC’s Communication’s Director, Leah Nixon, the school is unable to reveal the names of the candidates yet.

“The provost search is still in the confidential stage for candidates, so the college has ensured them that their names will not be released publicly,” Nixon said. “The college will release publicly the names of the final candidates.”

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