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Tieka Knight lives up to her Selective Potential


By Victoria Thornton, Collegiate Staff

2014.9.23 Fashion_24
Knight poses in neutral colors near Reeds Lake, as she gets ready for the beginning of autumn. – Photo Courtesy of Eric Ellis

Interested in today’s craze of online blogging? Take notes from local trendsetter and online fashion blogger, Tieka Knight.

Knight, 28, of Grand Rapids uses her blog, Selective Potential, to express her style through the seasons and the different places she visits around Michigan.

Although she enjoys experimenting, on a normal day, Knight’s style is generally feminine, rustic, and vintage. This is apparent throughout the Selective Potential blog as she reuses pieces such as, florals, denim, lace and so on, to create an entirely different outfit each day.

“I hope that girls are inspired by my blog,” Knight said. “I hope they are inspired to dress up, and wear what they want to.”

She posts a series of photos daily taken by her boyfriend Eric Ellis. The photos show the different outfits she chooses each day.

Knight encourages girls to wear what they want , and not follow all of the current trends in fashion. She wears what makes her feel pretty, especially because not everyone’s body type works with high fash- ion pieces.

“If you love lace-up boots and they’re out of style, wear the lace up boots,” Knight said.

Although originally from Muskegon, Knight graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a bachelors degree in digital media. Currently working as a full time graphic designer at a strategic communications company called Williams Group, Knight uses her spare time to run Selective Potential. The blog currently has 14,500 subscribers and an average of 2,000 visitors daily. The contents of her blog have been featured in over 28 different magazines, articles, and blogs such as Teen Vogue and Lucky Magazine. Most Selective Potential blog-readers are between the ages of 16 and 35. Some of Knight’s sponsors include ModCloth, Ruche, and Chicwish. 2014.9.23 Fashion_23

After building a reputation in the blog industry by joining fashion communities and networking with other bloggers, Knight now makes a profit by selling sidebar ad space and makes commission off of affiliate links and banner ads. She also has monthly allowances for free clothing with some of her sponsors in order to advertise their products through her blog as well as other incentives including travel and free items pertaining to her blog.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into it, but if you’re passionate about it, there are several opportunities out there,” Knight said.

Knight began her blog in September 2009 because she lost 35 pounds and was inspired to create her own personal style with her new body. Knight’s style cannot be defined into a single cliché because it is always different. The typical hipster, prep, sport or classic look that defines some people, does not exist for Knight and her blog because she combines those styles for her own personal taste, thus creating Selective Potential.

“I like the word potential,” Knight said. “I feel everyone has it, and is able to live up to it.”

Check out Tieka’s blog at selectivepotential.com

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