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Campus Climate Survey results announced today at town hall forums


By Martine Coly – Collegiate Staff

Grand Rapids Community College will announce results today from the campus climate survey, conducted in the spring of 2014, at two separate town hall forums.

The 90-minute forums will both take place in room 168 of the Applied Technology Center.

The first forum starts at 11:30 a.m. and the second will start at 3 p.m.

In the spring of 2014, members of the college community were asked to take part in an optional survey.

The intention was to find out the attitudes, behaviors and standards of the faculty, staff, administrators and students at GRCC.

A total of 3,289 people filled out the survey, 2,771 students and 518 faculty, staff and administrators.

The results of the survey showed that 84 percent of respondents were “comfortable or very comfortable” with GRCC’s campus climate, while 11 percent of the respondents believed they had personally experienced “exclusionary, intimidating or hostile environments” at the college.

In a press release from the college, Eric Williams, executive director for equity and inclusion, said, “We’re pleased with the number of campus community members who took the time to help us conduct this survey.

These results will give us a baseline on diversity and inclusion at GRCC to help us build on our strengths, better understand our challenges, and guide us as we actualize our commitment to having an inclusive campus.”

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