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More than 30 students inspire peers in photo exhibit

On Tuesday, the Paul Collins Art Gallery was opened the Winter 2015 photography exhibition.  Photo by Jonathan D. Lopez
The Paul Collins Art Gallery opened the Winter 2015 photography exhibition. Photo by Jonathan D. Lopez

By Corea Parks – Collegiate Staff

This year marks the eighth year of Grand Rapids Community College’s Paul Collins Gallery. This semester starts with a student photo exhibition of 37 students’ work on display.

Since 2007, it has been curator and photography professor Filippo Tagliati’s goal and personal duty to showcase art and photo work that brings diversity and high quality to the GRCC community. These exhibitions are held to showcase talent as well as inspire fellow students.

“Yes this year the artists are GRCC photo students that were enrolled into a photography program in 2014,” said Professor Filippo Tagliati.

The exhibit will be open through Feb. 6 with open hours from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Fridays.

The gallery is located fourth floor of the Main Building and open to the general public.

Not all of the artists who are displaying their work are pursuing an art degree but they all share the commonality of displaying a piece of themselves to influence and inspire their peers.

“When I was given a sneak peak I was floored, never before has my work been prominently displayed in a gallery, let alone work of such a personal nature,” said Paul Kemtper, one of the artists featured in the gallery. “I hope that those who cannot personally relate to my artwork walk away with a new understanding of self-image, and how anybody can become a victim to the dangers of distorted self-perception.”

Kempter’s two photos can be seen on the left wall when walking into the gallery, exerting a very power message reading, “Love yourself first.”

Though all artists were aware of their submission to be in the gallery, not all were aware that their photos were selected to be displayed.

“Despite the fact that I’m finding out now, I am excited and flattered that some of my photos will be displayed and publicly seen by my peers,” Zoe Wilson said. “If nothing else, I want viewers to leave with thought provoking curiosity delivered from the impression of one photograph.”

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