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Art Club provides Valentines Day gift shop this week


By Corea Parks – Collegiate Staff

With less than one week until Valentine’s Day some students may be lacking the cooperation of the supposedly creative side of the brain.

Luckily the Grand Rapids Community College Art Club is making creative gifts easily accessible. Valentine’s Day trinkets, crafts and cards created and designed by the artists of GRCC Art Club will be sold, with an affordable price tag of $1 to $3 dollars.

The Valentine’s Day Fundraiser will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Feb. 11-13, and will be set up on the 4th floor right inside the skywalk.

Not only are the stresses of making the perfect Valentine’s Day card being relieved, a contribution to the growth of opportunities for the GRCC Art Club is being made. Eager to make permanent ground in the school, as well as the local art community, GRCC Art Club has decided they must bring awareness not only to their organization but to the art department as a whole.

“We are looking to collect funds to give art students the opportunity to travel to different art museums and to inspire, educate and enrich the GRCC artists’ experience,” said Nicole Wiersma, the President of the Art Club.

Wiersma mentioned that the Art Club is also very interested in expanding the number of members involved and is always welcoming.

“Personally I love the Art Club because, when I started at GRCC, I was very nervous to talk to others about my work and connect with other students but this club has given me an outlet to do so,” said Harmony Nguyen, an art club member. “Raising money for the art club means a lot. We are giving students an opportunity to show off their work, rub shoulders with other people that love art, and travel to see or make art in other places.”

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