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Book Review: ‘The Green Boat’ by Mary Pipher


By Brittany Miller – Collegiate Staff

21-9781594485855_large_The_Green_BoatIn her new book “The Green Boat,” best-selling author of “Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls,” and psychologist Mary Pipher brings “The Green Boat,” ($14.96, 240 pages) highlights how people are harming the environment and teaches readers how to create a positive change personally and globally.

Pipher is speaking at the Grand Rapids Community College Diversity Lecture Series at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Fountain Street Church.


In “The Green Boat” ($14.96, 240 pages) Pipher starts with such peaceful imagery, but dives right in to show that the peace isn’t everlasting, not when we have so many problems going on all around us. We have no choice but to think, think about the personal struggles we face, and also overlook, the harmful issues our environment has faced such as climate change, oil spills and population decreases. Our perspective can completely change once we acknowledge the world and the people in it besides ourselves.

Upon reading this novel, readers can finally address their fears and worries head on, instead of avoiding the information they’ve received from the news or the papers. Pipher talks about her own struggles in “The Green Boat” as she, like many of us, have a hard time looking at the overwhelming problems that are going on every day. What made this book so great and insightful is that Pipher brings in personal stories from her life, relating those stories back to world issues, showing that they are one in the same.

This was a powerful read that really resonates well with the reader, giving a new perspective on change. Pipher writes this novel to tell us that we can’t address the problems around us until we address our own problems. If we don’t care about our own peace and happiness how will we care about the world? World trauma and personal trauma go hand in hand. Pipher allows readers to explore the idea that it’s not too late to change, but we have to stop looking away when we see the next oil spill or the next problem at our job. Change isn’t impossible, but it’s definitely a process.

“The Green Boat” is a must read, putting the buoy closer to readers at the turn of every page, creating better state of mind, and hopefully a better future for our planet.


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