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Police Reports, February 11

Campus police headquarters, located at 25 Lyon St. Grand Rapids, Michigan. (The Collegiate)

Compiled by Warren Sink – Collegiate Staff


On Jan. 19 an officer arrived at the pool in the Ford Fieldhouse to help with a student, who got out of the pool light headed. The subject wore an oxygen mask and was losing consciousness. The officer gave him a Powerade to drink, while he recuperated. An ambulance arrived, but did not take him anywhere. He was cleared by paramedics.


On Jan. 19 a GRCC employee called dispatch for one of his students, who cut the tips of her pointer finger and thumb and refused an ambulance. An officer arrived and recommended she go to the hospital. She was taken by another student to Butterworth Spectrum.

Water Flow Alarm

On Feb. 5 multiple officers and the Grand Rapids Fire Department checked the G2 level of Cook Hall because of a water flow alarm. No abnormal water was found, but the officers checked the fire panel in the G1 mechanical room and discovered an open valve in the city water system that caused a surge, setting off both the GRCC and Spectrum Butterworth Hospital water flow alarms.


On Feb. 9 a GRCC student reported his money clip stolen from inside the Ford Fieldhouse. In the clip was the student’s license, RaiderCard, and debit card. He put the clip into an unlocked locker along with his coat and phone. When he returned, the clip had been taken, but nothing else.

The thief used the RaiderCard at the third floor vending machine, and a custodian found the mutilated remnants of the card in a nearby trashcan. An officer reviewed tape of the entrance to the Ford Fieldhouse and saw a person walking in and out of the building several times. A couple of officers went to the fieldhouse and interviewed the suspect, who consented to being searched. The money clip was not found. The case was closed with no suspects or witnesses.


During the night of Feb. 9 two officers went to the Main Building in response to a homeless man seen in an elevator. The caller, who phoned dispatch, said the man was black and wore a red jacket and jeans. The officers confronted the man on the third floor after he emerged from a classroom. His record was clean, and the officers escorted him off campus. They warned him if he was found trespassing again, he would be arrested.

Traffic Stop

The night of Feb. 10 an officer stopped a black Impala after it made an illegal left turn. The officer approached the vehicle and immediately smelled marijuana coming from the car and asked the man if he had smoked. He said he had not, but he had in the past and consented to the search of his vehicle. The officer found a lighter, but no marijuana. The man was given a verbal warning for an improper turn and released.

Traffic Stop

On Feb. 11 an officer stopped a blue minivan for speeding at Ransom Avenue and Fountain Street. The driver had an expired license with multiple suspensions and was issued a citation. The owner of the vehicle was a passenger in the van.

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