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Manly knitting: why more men should take up knitting

Michael Julien Cover
Michael Julien using a knitting loom to create a scarf. Photography by Jonathan D. Lopez

By Michael Julien – Multimedia Editor

If I had one piece of advice to give to every man it would be to start knitting.

The art of making things such as hats and scarves out of yarn can be fun. Don’t you just love getting that blanket your grandma gave you or the hat your mom made?

Well, what if I told you guys can knit too and that it’s just not for your grandma or mom.

According to Mary Colucci, executive director of the Craft Yarn Council, only “4 to 5 percent of men knit”.

I believe this number should grow exponentially in the coming years. I knit because I find it to be a great stress reliever. When I am sitting down knitting away at whatever project I’m working on I feel like there is nothing to it and all of my worries just fade away. According to a survey by the Craft Yarn Council “Almost 90 percent of knitters and crocheters responded that the craft improves their mood.”

When I was in high school I was involved with the TV Studio program. One day at the beginning of class my teacher, Kris Deyoung, announced that he would be starting a knitting club called the Sit ‘n Knit club. It took me a while to get into the idea of knitting but ever since I’ve loved.

“People enjoy coming together with others to knit,” Colucci said.

Deyoung, 35, of Rockford agrees.

He has been knitting for two years and learned how from his coworker, Jason Springer, 37, of Belding. Deyoung knits and crochets blankets. One of those blankets was for his daughter.

“I made a big dada blanket for my daughter for her birthday,” Deyoung.

Springer has been knitting for four years and said he’s not concerned with what others think about his knitting.

“I don’t care as long as I’m happy,” Springer said.

I will try to knit as often as I can. Usually I will knit right before I go to bed. I am currently knitting a scarf for my mom. It is blue and going to be about 7 feet long.

Being a man and knitting feels a little bit weird at first. However, it is very addicting and now I cannot stop knitting and enjoy working on projects while watching hockey games on TV.

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  1. In 18th century Europe, it was often the men who knitted as the primary wage earner….it takes patience, focus, (and even a bit of math ability)…..go young men and knit!!!

  2. Taught grade school (4/5th) boys and girls in several of our school district after school program to loom knit. The boys enjoyed it and stuck to it more than the girls which was great to see.


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