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Get Involved on Campus

Student Alliance President Brandon Sinclair has been a GRCC student for three years now.


By Sean P. Mulhall – Editor-in-Chief

There are many ways for students to get involved at Grand Rapids Community College. Some play a sport, others work as tutors, but the easiest way is to join one of the many clubs on campus.
Recent GRCC graduate Arielle Hallies was very active during her time at the college.

“As an Orientation Ambassador, I was introduced to Student Leaders who participated with groups like, BSU and Women’s Issues NOW,” Hallies said. “They told me getting involved would make my time at GRCC more meaningful and they were right.”

Getting involved on campus led to Hallies getting the most out of her time at GRCC.

“It’s because of these groups that I had the opportunity to serve as President of Student Alliance,” Hallies said. “I am very happy that I decided to get involved on campus. My experience has really made GRCC my school.”

Every club has a faculty adviser, but the Director of Student Life is in charge of all the clubs collectively. Evan Macklin, Coordinator of Student Life and Conduct, is currently filling that role on an interim basis and has a personal connection to the GRCC campus.

In 2007 Macklin started as a student employee and just two years later was hired full-time as a coordinator for the counseling center. He has served in his current role for the last two and a half years.

“I think (being involved on campus) led to where I am now,” Macklin said. “It helped shape my college experience and even my career … It helped me find my passion.”

According to Macklin, research has proven that students who get involved are more likely to succeed.

“Students that are more involved in campus life, whether it be intramurals, student employees, clubs and organizations, will find an engagement opportunity,” Macklin said.

Macklin said he worries about students not experiencing everything GRCC has to offer.

“You’re missing out if you don’t take advantage of the opportunities,” Macklin said. “If students come in with an open mind and give different activities a try and see if they like it, it’s not going to hurt them to give it a try.”

For a complete list of all the clubs at GRCC and information on each go to grcc.edu/studentlife/studentorganizationsandclubs.

This story is part of our GRCC Survival Guide Series which originally ran in our August 2015 issue.

GRCC Art Club

Harmony Nguyen, 20, Grand Rapids

“The ultimate goal of Art Club is to offer students opportunities they may not have access to. We wish to educate those that want to learn more about art, even if they aren’t art majors, with trips to Chicago and museums. We also give students with a body of work the chance to showcase their work with things like Student of the Month & Student Art Show. Lastly, we hope to open a dialogue between the artist and their work, and talk about what is happening in art today.”

“I felt that when I started as a student at GRCC I really didn’t know anyone. Since joining I’ve connected with tons of amazing artists.”

“This year we hope to expand Art Club with more members, more opportunities for students to show work, and eventually have time to make art with other students. We are currently looking for new officers for the club.”

GRCC Filmmakers

Jonathan DelaVega, 25, San Diego

“GRCC Filmmakers is a student organization dedicated to making short films with students on campus. We are happy to take anyone who is willing to collaborate to create a movie. We are entertainers. Artists. Creators.

“I joined because I believe that everyone is capable of making movies and restarted the club because I wanted to share the experience of creating art that is both loved by many and is accessible to all because of the advancements in digital video technology. Anybody can pick up a camera and just shoot a film, it’s that simple.”

Student Alliance

Graham Sniesak, 20, Grand Rapids

“Student Alliance is an organization that works directly with Student Life to effectively bridge the gaps between trustees, faculty, and students. My particular role is managing the budget allotted to the club to help student organizations achieve their respective objectives.”

“I was enticed to join because I heard it was a great way to see all aspects of GRCC. As a member there is exposure to all forms of staff members and clubs, so being a first year student at GRCC I thought it a good idea to see the school as a whole.”

Women’s Issues NOW

Savannah Miles, 20, Grand Haven

“WIN has discussions on issues in local and national policy. We have worked with other organizations in the past such as the National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood. We try to put on events, such as movies and a Women’s Summit to educate students about women’s issues around the world. This year, we also want to do a feminine products drive to donate to people in need around the community.”

“Feminism is something that I felt strongly about in high school and we didn’t really have a club when I was there. So when I first heard that WIN needed a vice president, I signed up. I wanted to get my foot in the door and to be given a challenge. I wanted to work on my organizational skills and leadership skills.”

Anime Club

Watch anime and discuss anime, a genre of Japanese cartoons.

Black Student Union

Provide members with an enriching college experience, by providing an expansive platform to experience a sense of community, intellectual engagement, and cultural expression.

Campus Activities Board

Enhance each student’s college experience through involvement opportunities that foster individual growth.

Christian Fellowship

Help students grow intellectually and spiritually at GRCC.

College Democrats

Promote the philosophy of the Democratic party which include equality for all persons regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, physical handicap, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation.

College Republicans

Promote the philosophy of the Republican party and participate in events and competitions.

Hispanic Student Organization

Focus on issues related to the Hispanic community and understanding of the culture, and support and encourage students to achieve a higher education while helping build a better future for the community.

Phi Thetta Kappa

GRCC chapter, Alpha Upsilon Kappa, is a group of dedicated students who strive to grow in developing leadership skills and reaching out to the community.

Scribbles Writing Club

Encourage creativity in all forms, especially writing in its various styles and inspire confidence in early writers.


Create a community of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and straight ally (GLBTQQA) students.


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