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Get your books on the cheap

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The stacks at Brian’s Books on East Fulton. Photo by John Rothwell.

By Corey Tucker – A&E Editor

Aside from tuition bills and technology, purchasing textbooks is often the next most significant financial drain when it comes to entering a new school year. Several hundred dollar textbook bills annoy students who are often upset about having to shell out hard-earned money for books that quite often don’t hold their value.

There is hope, however, if students are willing to shop around at other bookstores, online or renting, they are likely to take less of a loss financially. Below is a comparative list that might help students save the most money possible when seeking textbooks.

With many students using loans that only allow for purchase from the campus bookstore it is hard to avoid paying the hefty bookstore prices. If students have to purchase from the campus bookstore there is a possibility that at the end of the semester the bookstore will buy your book back at a fraction of the original cost.


This story is part of our GRCC Survival Guide Series which originally ran in our August 2015 issue.


  1. Very rarely do you have to spend the full amount on textbooks. You’re either doing it wrong or one of the unfortunate few who can’t find one of their books used. I used bigwords.com to buy and sell books back in the day (I found out about it on MTV when Tom Green was doing their commercials). They are still very popular and price compare all the big textbook sites like amazon and half.

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