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Main Building evacuated after false alarm today

A GRFD truck parked on Lyon St.

By Kayla Tucker – Managing Editor

The Grand Rapids Fire Department was notified when the fire alarm in Grand Rapids Community College’s Main Building sounded at 12:13 p.m. today.

Someone activated a pull switch near a mechanical room on the 5th floor of the Main Building. The GRFD arrived at the scene, made sure there was no fire and the alarms were reset.

Lieutenant Jeffrey Hertel, of the GRCC campus police, said it could have been accidentally bumped by a backpack, and there is no knowledge of who did it.

“It’s obviously a crime to pull a fire alarm falsely,” Hertel said. “There aren’t any consequences because by the time we respond the student or person is long gone.”

Hertel said a student caught pulling a fire alarm when there is no danger of fire could face a misdemeanor. In this situation, a report will be sent to the conduct office and the case will be closed unless further information is discovered.

Robert Green, building manager for Main, Cook, and College Park Plaza buildings, said consequences can come from pulling a false alarm.

“It’s dangerous,” Green said. “It makes people panic.”

Today students and staff at GRCC did not panic, though. Hertel said he was proud of how quickly the students exited the building and gave the fire department space to handle the situation.

“I was really impressed with all the students at how they responded to the alarm quickly,” Hertel said. “They did a good job.”