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GRCC annual security report released


By Mike Balmer – Collegiate Staff

Grand Rapids Community College wants all students and employees to take an active role in security. An important part of that process is educating the community about potential hazards and available resources to use when needed.

To that end, GRCC released the annual security report Sept. 15th. The report covers crime statistics and policies for all GRCC campuses including those in Kent County as well as the Lakeshore Campus in Ottawa County.

“The Annual Security Report identifies all of the policies that relate to campus safety and security measures,” said GRCC Police Chief Rebecca Whitman.

“So whether it’s how to respond to an emergency, or how to access information, all of that information is in the security report. Our drug and alcohol prevention policies (and) our sexual assault misconduct poli- cies are in there, so students know where to go, or who to contact if they need help. To me, that’s the most important thing.”

The Security Report discusses campus law enforcement including the location of the GRCC Police Department and their hours of operation. It also gives reporting procedures to those who have been the victim of a crime or those who have been the witness of a crime. If a student feels like they have been the victim of wrongdoing, but are not sure if it is a crime, the security report also has the definition of each crime and is a helpful resource in understanding what laws are in place to protect them.

While GRCC has experienced a few small crimes, the numbers found in the security report show that the college is a relatively safe place.

“Fortunately for us, our numbers are remarkably low,” Whitman said.

The security report can be found at grcc.edu/campuspolice/annualsecurityreport. Students can request a paper copy by visiting the GRCC Campus Police department, located at 25 Lyon Street NE.