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Spectrum Theater hosts “The Reborning”

The cast and crew of The Reborning pose for a photo.

GRCC Players presents “The Reborning,” by Zayd Dohrn, beginning tonight at 8 p.m. The story is a modern, dark comedy about a dollmaker, her husband, and an adamant, grieving mother who seeks a replica of her daughter.

The dark comedy is set in Queens, New York, in the 21st century.

Kelly Curran, 19, of Rockford, described her character, the dollmaker in the story, who is ironically named Kelly.

“She’s a doll manufacturer, who makes toy dolls,” Curran said. “She makes a doll specifically for this woman, Emily, whose daughter died, and it follows that story.”

Emily, portrayed by Sydney Doornbos, is a persistent lawyer.

When digging into her part,  Doornbos realized how much she differs from her character.

“She’s very analytical, and brain-centered,” Doornbos said. Then she described herself as  someone who is led by her heart.

So she uses research to help get into character.

“The key is once I get done with all that (research), I have to let it all go and let the character come out,” said Doornbos. “I can’t keep it all in my head while I’m up there.”

Austin Millard, 23 of Grand Rapids,  plays the role of Daizy.

“He’s Kelly’s boyfriend and he makes dildoes for a living,” Millard said. “But he’s a cool guy. He’s an art student. That’s how he found his living. There was a market for that.”

Millard starred in “All my Sons,” also put on by the GRCC players in November, last year. He said he hopes he got all the nervous vibes under control.

The play is being produced and performed by Grand Rapids Community College theater students and alumni, who seek production experience, either on stage, behind the scenes, or both. Students are able to earn college credits even without paying for college courses, by working for the theater.

“The play came about because a lot of people on the  committee said ‘we really think this is an interesting piece,’” said Director Tom Kaechele. “It’s got a story that you don’t know where it’s gonna go. It’s got wonderful roles for the performers.”

Kaechele said he won’t throw out compliments to cast. He gives constructive criticism throughout  practices.

Kendra Jones, assistant director, said she loves the varying moods of the show.

“It’s very Tim Burton-esque, in which it has that undertone of comedy,” Jones said. “And all of a sudden, you don’t know when it happens, but it just gets super dark so quickly. It’s written really well.”

This performance contains strong language, intense adult themes, and drug and alcohol references. General admission is $5 per person and students are $3.

The curtain time is 8 p.m. Jan. 14-16 in the lab space theater room 201, at Spectrum Theater, 160 Fountain St NE.

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