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Sunday, Jan. 31 is the last day for automotive lovers to catch this year’s Auto Show


By Nathan Taylor – Collegiate Staff

Car lovers are flocking to the Michigan International Auto Show at DeVos Hall this weekend where concept cars, classic cars and the newest commercial models are on display. Tomorrow, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. is the last day of the event.

“I come to the show to see what I can’t afford,” said Paul Berkes, 58, of Grand Rapids, who attended the show Saturday with his family. “It’s been a tradition for the last 10 to 15 years.”

Show highlights include a Million Dollar Motorway, Gilmore Car Museum Display, and a crushed car display by Louis Padnos.

Saturday morning a man who identified himself as “Tommy Z” was stationed in the Design Studio talking to customers about the designs he creates for people.

Z, 36, of Grand Rapids, said he has designed a number of cars including the ATS Coupe Concept, a 2015 Cadillac. He said he has designed many high end cars for people who like luxury cars.

“Have some pockets, don’t be afraid to spend,” he said, noting that his next project will be a wide-body concept for the 2016 Camaro where he will make it into a wide body concept.

Grand Rapids Community College student Robert Crosby, 25, of Grand Rapids, said he was playing what he calls a ‘“fake security role’’ making sure people do not cross the ropes.”  He said his favorite car was this 2015 RCF Lexus.

Standing by the Mazda exhibit, Bob Lewandoski a product specialist for Mazda for over 26 years.

“Since 1990, the Mx 5 Miata, a fourth generation car… has become the best selling roadster in history, “ he said, explaining that it was modeled after the British roadster of the past like Austin-Healeys, MGBs, and Triumphs, and Spitfires.

The Gilmore Car Museum, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, brought a collection of vintage cars to the auto show. Fred Colgren, the education director for the museum based in Hickory Corners brought every ‘60s car they have in stock just like this one, a personal favorite of his, 1963 StudeBaker Avanti Sport coupe.

“Attending the auto show is a tradition for West Michigan residents,” Jim Everhart, 67, and son, Jeff Everhart of, 36, who said they like check out the new models and older cars.

Jim Everhart said he’d like a Lincoln MKT 2016 Crossover, but said he can’t spring for a new car right now.”Whether or not they’re in the market for a new car,” Everhart encourages locals to check the show.

“Grand Rapids is a great city, and it’s nice to walk around and “see” people,” he said,” “It will be 40 degrees tomorrow come on down.”





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