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GRCC women’s basketball team loses 70-65 in OT to Lake Michigan College

John Rothwell |The Collegiate

By Avery Jennings – Collegiate Staff

The Grand Rapids Community College women’s basketball team lost a close matchup against Lake Michigan College Redhawks 70-65 in overtime on Wednesday.

GRCC trailed for most of the first half, but would get the ball rolling in the second half with some clutch 3-pointers from sophomore Courtney Zenner.

“Courtney Zenner is a great player,” said Lake Michigan College coach Jason Cooper. “She had some clutch shots.”

It would be a different story for GRCC at the end of regulation as the Redhawks would make a buzzer-beater 3-point shot to force the game into overtime, swinging the momentum in their favor.

“This came down to a ‘whoever had the ball last’ kind of win.” Cooper said.

Even though GRCC would end up losing a tough game, it would end up out-rebounding the Redhawks by 12, which is something the Raiders “traditionally” don’t do according to Head Coach Ray Kimball.

“We would love to beat teams on the glass,” Kimball said. “That was definitely a positive for us to be able to do that.”

The one aspect where the team lacked was transition defense according to Zenner. It was more of an issue in the first half, but was the team’s achilles heel for the game. It led to GRCC overcompensating too much on defense in the final seconds, leaving Redhawk point guard Hailey Maas a wide open 3-pointer at the end of the game.

“I knew there was five seconds left,” Maas said. “I knew five seconds meant five dribbles. I tried to get as close to the three-point line as possible, saw that there was one second left and I shot it.”

“We didn’t get back on defense,” Zenner said. “They had a few too many threes that we should’ve defended.”

That would help the Redhawks close out the game which led to GRCC not being able to secure the win.

The GRCC women’s basketball team will play Kalamazoo Valley Community College on Wednesday.

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