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GRCC Asian Student Union allocation request approved just hours before Lunar New Year event


Full funding was approved for the Grand Rapids Community College Asian Student Union Lunar New Year event tonight, Feb. 4.

The funds passed with a 17-6 approval, with three abstentions.

The club requested $1,068.68 for the event hosted with the Asian Student Union at Grand Valley State University and the money is planned to be used for games, prizes and decorations. The club is estimating around 400-600 people to attend the event and has fundraised over $800 already.

The event goes until 9 p.m. tonight, Feb. 4, in the Grand River Room of Kirkhof Center at GVSU. Free parking is available at the Allendale campus and The Rapid Bus #50 runs for free from GVSU’s downtown campus.

“It’s a load off our shoulders that we don’t have to worry about our funds (tonight),” Ashley Daniels, ASU President of External Affairs, said.

Allocation requests happen only once a month, at the Student Alliance collaborative meetings, so it was just chance that made the vote just hours before the event.

“We didn’t plan it that way,” Daniels laughed.

Because the funding is coming out of student’s tuition, Student Alliance President Brandon Sinclair said he wanted the event to be more promotional of the college.

“In my own opinion, I would like to see this event on GRCC’s campus,” Sinclair said.

A request by the Radiology Technologist Club for $1,300 was approved as well, and is allocated for board exams to become a radiologist. The funds are to be applied to the already existing $7,443.87 the club has obtained through fundraising.

The vote was approved 24-4, with five abstentions.

The club plans to spend the money on its 18 members, with $5,000 going towards the board registry review, and the remaining $3,743.87 to be spent on the students’ board exams, which cost $200 per person.

Again, Sinclair said he would like to see the extra allocation money spent on public events.

The extra allocations fund is now standing at $16,460.84 for the rest of the winter semester.