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Campus Activities Board selects new president


The Campus Activities Board at Grand Rapids Community College has selected its next president.

Ruben Resendiz, one of the current vice presidents in the group, was selected to be the club’s president, beginning this summer.

“It’s a little unreal, still,” said Resendiz, 19. “I’m going to have a great team, I know that.”

Resendiz, whose primary interest is in music, is finishing up his second year at the college and plans to graduate with an associate’s degree next year.

Overall, Resendiz said he wants CAB to grow as a club.

“I’m just so excited to see CAB go in the right direction and fall into some really capable hands,” said current CAB president Hana Christofferson. “I think it’s a great learning opportunity.”

Christofferson will graduate this semester from GRCC and plans to attend Grand Valley State University and major in biological science.

There are three vice president positions in CAB. The third CAB vice president position is still open.


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