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GRCC Asian Studen Union to host life-sized monopoly today

Rebekka Williams | The Collegiate

By Chris Yang  – Collegiate Staff

The Grand Rapids Community College Asian Student Union will be holding their first ever Life-Size Monopoly fundraising event from noon to 6 p.m. today in the Multipurpose Room behind The Quiet Cafe on the second floor of the  Student Center.

The event will feature a variety of prizes for attendees that participate. The $5 entry fee will be going towards funding the Asian Student Union and any events they may undertake in the future.

“We’ve covered a lot of the expenses this year through our own funds so this is to help alleviate those missing funds,” said Ashley Daniels, ASU president of external affairs.“When the new school year starts we would like the club to start off at a good start so there isn’t any pressure or stress on any new board members.”

Daniels said the idea of having the life sized fundraiser game came from “a game of late night monopoly” between three ASU members. Vice President Jake Hazewinkel provided materials such as cardboard to craft the pieces that will be used for houses and hotels at the event.

The game is being played with standard speed dice rules, with approximately six games for the event. Materials for the game will be provided on location as well.

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