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GRCC board to select new president this fall


The Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees plans to select the next college president this November, soon after three new trustees are elected into office.

The board has already drafted the process of selection and roughly established what they are looking for in a new president. The next phase will continue through May, and consists of hiring a professional search firm and establishing the cost and the actions to be taken by the firm.

“We’ll have a lot done in the next eight weeks,” Bleke said.

Board chairman Bert Bleke said that from May to mid-August, the board will identify the on-campus search team, finalize the interview process and begin to search for and vet candidates.

Bleke said this group of search committee volunteers will consist of 15-20 people from the community, the GRCC Foundation, faculty, students, and an alumni. The board hopes to have this team selected next month and will be announced at the next board meeting, April 18.

From mid-August to October, Bleke said the board will identify the final candidates, finalize interview and selection process details and wrap up contract details. According to Bleke, the board will select the new president in November. That same month, three trustee seats will be filled. The board is still talking through how to engage the new trustees in the process.

From December through GRCC President Ender’s official retirement in the summer of 2017, Ender and the board plan to be phasing in the new president.

The board plans to open up the application process by June 1, Bleke said.




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