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The Outer Vibe, who met at GRCC, now on tour


By Hannah Burnis – Collegiate Staff

The five members of Grand Rapids based rock band, The Outer Vibe, like to call themselves a “musical adventure.” The band is a group of members who love to write and perform music together.

Currently the band consists of five people: Shaun Zee on vocals, Nick Hosford on guitar, Lisa Kacos on trumpet and keyboard, Andrew Dornoff on bass guitar and the general manager and Noah Snyder on drums.

Before they were a nationally recognized rock band, the five members of The Outer Vibe met locally on Grand Rapids Community College’s campus. Hosford and Kacos worked as adjunct faculty in GRCC’s music department. Zee is a graphic designer in the Grand Rapids area, Dornoff runs the commercial studio, “Pharaoh’s House Recording,” and Snyder was a student tutor at GRCC.

Zee and Hosford went to high school together and that’s how the musical interest started.

”The band has gone through many transformations and we wanted to be out of the box, different and have a cool vibe, and the kind of music we were making deserved a name that was different,” Zee said.

Dornoff said the band originated in Grand Rapids, creating songs in their basement, what they like to call “basement jams,” where their sound continued to grow and become more popular.

The inspiration behind the band’s name comes from the word “vibe” and how it was used in the early 2000s to present conversations. The word “vibe” has become more popular throughout the years. The word “outer” means different. The music they create is an “outer vibe” and from that, the band name was created.

“A lot of our music we make comes from being locked up in our basement in winter when growing up,” Dornoff said. “We write music about the beach because that is what we’ve longed for and it’s great because now these songs are taking us places.”

“It’s kind of funny because we all have different musical influences and we all make music together,” Zee said. “There are a few musical influences we all look up to, like the Beatles, Beach Boys, Paul Simon, so very classic pop.”

Dornoff describes the band as “very DIY (do it yourself).”

“We like to do things our own way, finding new discoveries along the way,” Dornoff said.

Band members say they enjoy creating relationships with people who love adventures, new experiences, and living life to the fullest.

The Outer Vibe has been traveling around North America on their 2016 “Full Circle” tour for the past seven weeks.

The “Full Circle” tour is named after and was influenced by their most recent album, which includes their most popular songs such as “Sold My Brain,” “Shining Like a Diamond” and “Full Circle.”

They are currently traveling around the United States in their Ford van they named “Vanny DeVito.”

For more information, visit theoutervibe.com and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook, where they post their music videos, pictures, and stories of where they travel.

In April, they will have many new things, new music in store for their fans this next coming year. The band will continue to post and share the latest news on their website and their social media pages.

To purchase tickets for any of their upcoming Full Circle Tour shows visit their website. Tickets cost no more than $7 and fans must be 21 or older to attend.


  1. Sean Zee and Nick Hosford* and you can attend their show at the Intersection, April 30th, all ages welcome!

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