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Police Reports 3/24



At 12:37 p.m. March 18, a Grand Rapids Community College police officer responded to room 301 of Cook Hall for a non-emergency medical incident in the Dental Clinic. The GRCC employee who was there said a senior citizen male patient had accidentally walked into a glass door following his dental treatment, causing an abrasion on his head. The victim was alert and communicating when the officer arrived. The  officer asked the victim victim said he did not want any medical attention and that no more be made of the situation. The officer cleared the situation with no further action.


At 10:42 a.m.  March 18, a complaint of a homeless male lingering in and around the counseling offices on the third floor of the Student Center  was reported to the GRCC Police. The complainant told the responding officers that the man was telling people that he was homeless and it was the government’s fault. The employee said the man came into the area with three bags, but left one teal backpack in the area when he left. The officer then made contact with the man, who told him he was trying to find information to get registered for classes. He said he had gone to the Records Office in the Main Building and got a document he needed to fill out to obtain his transcripts and  he was trying to find a quiet place to fill out his paperwork. The man showed the officer the documents. The officer explained to the man that he could not be in GRCC buildings unless he was actively trying to register for classes. Throughout their conversation, the man kept repeatedly saying to the officer, “Why don’t you just take me to jail, or take me to prison?” The man also told the officer that he had been in the mental health system for over 30 years. The officer proceeded to give the man a verbal warning for trespassing. The bag the man left in the counseling area was retrieved and then he was escorted off GRCC campus and was last seen walking southbound on Ransom Avenue. Dispatch informed the officer that the man was on probation and the incident would be forwarded to his parole officer.


At 6:49 a.m. March 17, an officer on patrol was told by a GRCC employee that a man was sleeping on the  east stairwell, third floor of the Bostwick Parking Ramp. The officer and another officer responded to the complaint, and found the man sleeping on the fifth floor stairwell. They approached the man and shook him, and he woke up and the officers asked if he was okay. He said he was. He provided the officers with a Michigan Personal Identification card. The man’s name was checked for any record and he came back with a Officer Safety Caution and a mental disorder out of Ottawa County. He did not have any warrants. The officers advised him of the perimeters of campus and he was told that unless he was at GRCC for school business, he is not to be on campus, and if he returned, he’d be arrested for trespassing.