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Joe Zambran, 20, Lowell



Courtesy - Joe Zambran - The Collegiate Staff

“With all of the other answers I’ve given you, this is going to be different but the most defining moment in my life was when I bought my third car. It was my own money, my own work put into it and it’s a really nice car. This car made me really interested in cars now. I still have it to this day. I work on it every day. I’ve been building it the last three years. It’s in a completely different state to when I got it. To me that is really cool having something, then turning it into something so great. At least to me it’s great. It’s a 2005 Subaru WRX. I swapped the motor out of it. It’s a lot louder, faster, than it was before. I’m also doing a lot of support modifications. When you upgrade the big things in the motor you need to upgrade all the little things that go along with it so they do not break. I also installed bigger brakes to make it stop faster. A lot of exterior work was done as well. It looks completely different. When I first got it, it looked like a typical car. Now it looks very unique. I added a lot of my personal touches. It’s just nice to know that I created something that means so much to me and I put my hard work into it. It’s a learning experience in itself and I will continue working on cars as a hobby. It’s definitely not cheap but it’s motivating that I pay for it all myself.”

Reporting by Hannah Burnis

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