Home Faces of GRCC Leigh Morrison, 22, Grand Rapids

Leigh Morrison, 22, Grand Rapids


“Right now I am looking at multicultural education programs so eventually what I am thinking is that I would like to either work for a place or start my own organization that goes into workplaces and schools and does trainings about diversity and the ways that we are often times prejudice toward other people even if we don’t intend to be or we don’t want to be. I’m kind of figuring out how can we address that and fix it so that we’re not hurting people intentionally or unintentionally. No one in my family has been directly involved with that (field of study). My mom was a teacher for a while. She taught mostly geography and history for middle school. She’s actually working in the nursing department here now. My dad is working in the department of institutional research and planning so he kind of does a bunch of stuff with data for the college. I guess in some ways their jobs have inspired me because we’re all kind of working for the college which serves a really diverse student body and trying to figure out how to make it the most accessible to different communities.”

Reporting and photo by Kiyrah Floyd


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