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Trang Nguyen, 18, Palawan, Philippines


“Originally my plan was to not go to college … My plan was to actually not even finish high school at all. I was going to drop out. Just a lot of things were happening at that time, so I never really expected to graduate. I came to CC because … it was actually last minute, towards the (end of) senior year I was going through some depression and family problems so I didn’t apply to any colleges. I didn’t apply for scholarships and towards the very last minute my counselors, my teachers wanted me to at least apply to CC to see if I’d get in, and I did get in. So here I am. Because I am first generation, I am still pretty confused about what I am going to do, what I am supposed to do, what I want to do, obviously. I am so used to having my family tell me what to do so trying to be independent is just really, really, really foreign.”

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