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Former GRCC students host local progressive talk radio show

Malacky, Ed and Nathan in the family basement.

Nathan, Malacky, and Ed Kettle host The Boiling Kettles, a progressive talk radio show on WPRR 1680 AM and 95.3 FM. The show is a family run endeavour, the two sons and their father, and focuses on local, state, and national politics and social issues.

“It’s the other side of talk radio, because when you think of talk radio you think of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck,” said Nathan, 37. “If I had to define a mission for the show it would be to inform people. It would be to get the other viewpoint out there, on the radio.”

With The Kettles being between the ages of 25 and  65,  their show represents a wide age range, allowing  them to cover issues from several generational viewpoints. All three have attended Grand Rapids Community College at some point in their lives. Ed remembers when it was still called Grand Rapids Junior College and Nathan was the opinion page editor for The Collegiate student newspaper in the early 2000’s. And Malachy attended for two years after graduating from West Catholic High School in 2009.

The family has had prior experience in radio before starting their own show. Nathan was a DJ on WYCE some years ago and was a guest on the program “South Paws” in the early 2000’s. Ed’s professional background is in advertising and public relations, also having done production work on different shows.

Malacky explains the appeal of Bernie Sanders political platform and its appeal to young and first time voters.

“Being a millennial, we tend to push more towards the extremes I feel like, conspiratorially and otherwise.” Malachy said. “And that’s why a lot of people in my generation are so averse to “Hill Dog” (Hillary Clinton).”

A main feature of The Boiling Kettles is their progressive take on politics affecting the state and nation.

“I would say that Bernie, what he says is on point. To be honest there’s a million different economists out there who say a million different things. And the ones who get on the news are the ones that say his things (proposals) aren’t going to work,” Malachy explaining his millennial view of Bernie Sanders.

Ed Kettle, with his years of experience, explains his views on America’s political elite.

“I’m fixated on the ruling class. They’ve always been around and they’ve always ruled. Their transition in America has been fun to watch,” Ed said. “That’s why I’ve been engrossed in the evolution of the aristocracy, and the American aristocracy that’s not even abashed anymore. They admit it, we are the aristocracy, we are better than you.”

“We’re helping to balance out the viewpoints in West Michigan, if we can do one thing, that’s our mission statement, goal,” advised Malacky.

Look for The Boiling Kettles’ progressive views at 10 am to noon, thursday mornings on 95.3 FM and 1680 AM.


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