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Gov. Snyder visits GRCC M-TEC, skilled trades facility

GRCC professor Steven Ray talks to Gov. Snyder about the summer camp that teaches students like Sam Ray (pictured on the right) important skills in the trade industry.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder visited Grand Rapids Community College’s Tassell M-TEC center today, where he met with students  learning skilled trades.

During the tour, Snyder met with middle school students learning about construction, electrical and welding. For three years, GRCC professors have taught a middle school summer camp with the hopes of encouraging these skills at an early age.

Snyder also met with college students, who are now using new equipment thanks to approximately $3 million in state funding that was allocated to the college last year. Snyder said it’s critically important that students work on up to date equipment.

“These (jobs) are the backbone of Michigan’s economy in many ways,” Snyder said, highlighting the manufacturing and automotive industries. “We have many retirements going on, there are new job opportunities, and these are great, well paying jobs.”

Snyder said it is important to continue funding for these programs.


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