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GRCC not to fund bus subsidy for campus community

A Rapid bus stop near campus.

The Grand Rapids Community College Board of Trustees will not be setting money aside in this year’s budget for a student, staff and faculty bus subsidy.

At the most recent board meeting, the GRCC Faculty Association proposed an 80 cent bus subsidy, aimed to bring the cost of a bus ride down to 25 cents for students, faculty and staff. The board decided last week to continue discussion of the issue, but not to take any action yet.

“I have mixed feelings,” said Faculty Association President Fred van Hartesveldt. “On one hand I’m glad they’re addressing it and seriously considering it and on the other hand I’m disappointed they aren’t acting on it sooner.”

van Hartesveldt said he is confident that Amy Patullo, the GRCC adjunct professor leading the proposal, will keep advocating for the subsidy.

“It’s a complex issue that has a cost tied to it,” said Lisa Freiburger, GRCC vice president of finance and administration, about the subsidy. “We’re evaluating that along with other options. I don’t have a recommendation at this point in time, there’s just a lot of components to think through.”

Freiburger encourages students to contact her with any questions or comments.

GRCC currently subsidizes spaces for students in the GRCC dash lots. Students can purchase 10-day bus passes in the Student Center for $10.50, a discounted rate provided by The Rapid.

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