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Enrollment numbers drop for fall semester

The Enrollment Center and Financial Aid Office are located on the first floor of the Main Building.

By Brandi Quintero

Grand Rapids Community College’s fall enrollment is down 3.6 percent. As of the official count day recorded Sept. 8, GRCC has a total headcount of 14,465 enrolled students, a 473 student drop from the 14,938 students enrolled last fall.

The decrease in the school’s enrollment count lowers the tuition revenue but this enrollment tally is still better than what GRCC administrators anticipated.

“We have been doing a lot of work around the institution to reduce expenses,” said Lisa Freiburger, vice president of finance and administration. “We have a solid financial plan.”

The college is reducing expenses in the following ways:

  • A support position in the student life program that was put into effect last school year was eliminated.
  • The Biology lab and Physical Sciences lab are now to be coordinated under one instructor.
  • The college moved the adult education program from the Wealthy Learning Corner to the Tassel M-Tech building.

The elimination of the Sneden Shuttle was brought up as another way to restore expenses but it was denied.

The college is also exploring different ways to increase the college’s revenue. According to the Final Recommendations with President and EBCO Adjustments website that is provided on the bottom, the college could collect their own parking tickets instead of the Grand Rapids Police Department or make changes to food court options. These are only discussions up for further investigation but are not in effect.

“Usually when the economy gets better, enrollment goes down due to students taking fewer classes if they are working or finding work easily,” Freiburger said. “If the economy is poor, the enrollment rate goes up.”

For students interested in enrolling visit www.grcc.edu for more details.