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SALT Financial Literacy Program helps GRCC students succeed


By Ashley Pell

Grand Rapids Community College has partnered with a financial literacy program to help students pay and plan ways of defeating financial barriers throughout college.

Ashley Pell

SALT is a nationwide non profit organization created by American Student Assistance in 2012 to help students find solutions for paying tuition and give financial advice.Grand Rapids Community College partnered with the organization that same year. The name is a reference to when salt was used as the currency worldwide. It is overseen by professional staff to ensure students get the help they need, and also a peer overview that share their own experience.

The program wants to “help students succeed with solid financial support,” said Veronica Beitner, loan repayment specialist at GRCC.

SALT does not stop helping once you graduate or transfer to a different school, once you sign up you will have access to the full program.

“Whether you have loans here or somewhere else, SALT helps you out,” Beitner said.

Students who get involved with SALT are privy to benefits such as scholarship searches, job and internship placements, student debt repayment and courses to help budget your money. More courses include knowledge about identity theft, credit score, how to create a budget that fits your lifestyle, savings and investments.

The ASA SALT program recently changed their look this past summer, from a gray background with a dollar sign as the “S” to blue lettering with a green delta as the “A”.

Current GRCC students must sign in with their school email to ensure full access to the site. Once signed up, changing the email in settings is recommended so there is full access after transferring to a different college or university.

Students can sign up for the SALT Program here for free or by contacting Veronica Beitner, Loan Repayment Specialist in the Financial Aid office at 234-2282 or by email at  veronicabeitner@grcc.edu.

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