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ArtPrize Eight artist Jane Kelman presents “Oracle”

Fused glass art piece "Oracle" by Jane Kelman.

By Courtney Zenner.

Jane Kelman, a first time ArtPrize contestant, was inspired for her art piece by a stream of water with animals and plants floating along while standing on a bridge.

Kelman is an artist from Ann Arbor who received a degree in Chemistry at the University of Michigan. She was ready to graduate when she discovered her desire for glass in the chemistry building.

Creator of "Oracle" Jane Kelman.
Creator of “Oracle” Jane Kelman. Courtney Zenner

She was originally going to work with the teacher but he was soon to retire.

“It didn’t work out so I just bought a book, bought some equipment, eventually took some classes and never fell out of love with glass,” Kelman said.

The name of Kelman’s art piece is “Oracle.” She made it out of fused glass with 16 panels. Fused glass is colored glass she buys and breaks up into pieces. She puts it on a kiln shelf in a large electric kiln, heats it up to 1,500 degrees and melts it. Each panel is done like this.

Kelman helped out a woman with her piece last year for ArtPrize. The woman heard about Kelman somehow and contacted her.

“She had a sculpture in limestone, and the part of her sculpture was glass so she called me out of the blue,” Kelman said. “I didn’t know her, but I did the glass for her sculpture. I started thinking about it so here I am.”


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