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Students participate in leadership activity in Student Alliance meeting

Student leaders in the "Lion" category present their dance idea.

Student leaders got together at today’s Student Alliance meeting and discussed various leadership styles.

Campus Activities Board Vice President Theresa Tran led the activity, asking students to group themselves around the room according to the various leadership “animals.”

These animals included a rabbit, lion, turtle and eagle.

The students divided into groups based on their animal, and came up with their best and worst qualities, as well as reasons for conflict with other “animals.”

For example, lions said one of their best traits is being self-sufficient, one of their worst traits is being too assertive, and a conflict was that they think rabbits take too long with task management.

Tran said the purpose of the activity was for students to see another person’s point of view.

After a short presentation, the groups met again to each develop their own plans for a dance, in which they also had to effectively work with a conflicting leadership style.

Tran, 27, said the event was a success.  

“Everybody had fun and I feel like a lot of people are realizing there are different personality types in an e-board role,” Tran said. “So maybe they can start working on their conflicts to be more successful as a club on campus.”

Tran said she decided to host the activity because she was noticing some issues with club collaboration.

“Clubs are having issues working together to throw events,” Tran said. “And hopefully this will help them resolve some of that issue.”

In addition to CAB, Tran is also a member of the Asian Student Union, StandOut and the Anime Club.