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Student alumni and philanthropy club forms at GRCC


By Matthew Rios – Collegiate Staff

The Student Alumni and Philanthropy club is a new club forming at Grand Rapids Community College in partnership with the GRCC Foundation.

GRCC students populate the grounds of Western University, Grand Valley State University, Michigan University, and Michigan State University. Many students as well populate the area in positions they received the training and qualifications for at GRCC. The Alumni and Student Philanthropy club is intended to be a bridge for those who want to give back to GRCC after they leave.

Associate Director of College Advancement Erin Cisler, who founded the club, said the club is meant to “foster philanthropic spirit among the students at GRCC.”

“(The purpose is) to try to get them to understand what philanthropy is and for us to create a good positive relationship, us being the foundation, and students,” Cisler said. “Also, to enhance our involvement with student activities.”  “For student Alumni it will give them a chance to come back and talk to students, or come back and do different things on campus with our students, and planting that seed on what it means to be an alumna.” Cisler added.

Cisler initially  reached out to Student Alliance President Jose Garcia to assist in coming up with what the club would be.

“I started getting involved because I realized quickly while attending CC how big of an impact alumni can make,” Garcia said. “People are important and I feel like this is a good avenue to reach that goal of letting them know they are important even after graduation.”

GRCC is the starting line for many students. Whether they transfer to a four-year school or head directly into the workforce, GRCC can play a large role in their academic journey. For those who want to ensure GRCC continues to have the resources and funds needed to service the Grand Rapids community, as it has them, the Student Alumni and Philanthropy Club may be for them.

The club is currently recruiting seven to ten members. Students interested in the Student Alumni and Philanthropy Club, or would like more information about how you can give back to GRCC, can contact Cisler at ecisler@grcc.edu. More information about the GRCC Foundation can be found on their web page. As to what it means to be a Alumni, Cisler had this to say:

“What it means to be an Alumni: is to be proud of your institution, that you graduated or transferred from, or you belonged too, and giving back in different ways. Time, talents, or treasures. That’s what it means to be an Alumni, staying connected. Remember where you got your great start.”