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ArtPrize Eight artist Lynn Bianchi: “Spaghetti Eaters”

"Spaghetti Eaters" by Lynn Bianchi.

By Rachael Yadlowsky – Collegiate Staff

New York City-based photographer, Lynn Bianchi, entered her work “Spaghetti Eaters” in ArtPrize this year. Her artwork features fuzzy black and white photos of nude women of all sizes enjoying themselves while eating spaghetti. The photo collection has previously been featured in museums all around the world, including Japan, Italy, South Korea and many other countries.

The “Heavy in White” series, which features “Spaghetti Eaters” and other works, was inspired by body consciousness. “It focuses on self-criticism and identity and refers and challenges at the same time classical and contemporary concepts of beauty and form,” Bianchi stated in an e-mail. “The women in Heavy in White’ aren’t trying to perform, they are playing, eating with relish and celebrating their bodies.” The work was created between 1997 and 2001. “Though I have moved on to other things, the work remains timeless and seems to meet something in people.”  It was all shot in infrared film and printed “Ectalure G” by Kodak, it is silver gelatin and no longer available. All the prints were toned with gold.

Bianchi’s work is suspended between Henri Cartier-Bresson’s idea that to photograph is to hold one’s breath in an effort to capture fleeting reality and the belief that flowing processes that transcend reality can’t be captured by static images. “I capture the natural world looking for the precise moment when mastering a static or moving image,” Bianchi said. “The perpetual movements of an ocean, or the endless variations of a shadow, reflect in my work our shifting internal gestures and motions, in a constant movement where the eternal is reconciled with the quotidian.”


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