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Column: Season Seven Premiere of Walking Dead was heartbreaking(SPOILERS)

Season seven of "The Walking Dead" premiered Sunday night, leaving many fans heartbroken over several character deaths.

By Kosha Oswald – Collegiate Staff

Hearts everywhere are breaking in the aftermath of Negan’s destruction Sunday night, on the season seven premiere of “The Walking Dead.” After six months of suspense with fans wondering who Negan kills with his beloved Lucille, it was revealed to be Abraham and Glenn.

A little background for those who still need to catch up. Last season Negan came into the picture without a lot of information. The group was trying to figure out who he was for many episodes that season, only knowing that he was a threat. Unfortunately, at the end of the last season, the group was cornered by him and his vicious group. With nowhere to go and no weapons to defend themselves, the group was trapped. Negan had them all put into a circle and was intent that one of them would need to die for him to assert his dominance and show them that he had ultimate control.

Negan then began a game of eenie-meeny-miney-moe, going in circles with his barbed wire covered bat, Lucille. At the end of season six, we were all left hanging trying to figure out who it was that got that first blow from Negan and Lucille. We learned on Sunday that it was in fact, Abraham.

Abraham came into the show in season four. To be honest, I didn’t care much for him at first. I dislike when new characters get brought in, I feel like they are trying to push out my original favorites. But, it was hard not to grow to love Abraham. He is this big, tough, smart guy on the outside, and on the inside he is both tough and soft. He had a good heart, he brought humor and fun to the show. His final words to Negan, after that first blow to his skull, truly showed his toughness. I definitely saw it fitting to have him go out being that same smart ass and funny guy that he was.

The ultimate heart break came in the loss of Glenn for me though. Glenn has been apart of the show since it all began. He started out as the innocent pizza delivery guy and grew into a fierce and brave man, as well as a loveable husband and soon-to-be father. Watching Glenn evolve through the show was one of my favorite parts, watching him fearlessly fight off walkers and any other dangers to the group, while also watching his love for Maggie grow. These are the things I am going to miss.

I still can’t grasp that two people were killed on this episode though. I was mentally prepared for one and had no idea that second and heart-wrenching death was going to occur. Here they all are in this circle, in shock at the way Negan just completely smashed in Abraham’s skull. Then, boom! All of a sudden my favorite character gets a blow to the head as well. I mean, come on! By this point I’m screaming at the television, tears pouring down my face. In utter shock at what I just witnessed. How could he kill Glenn? How could they do it in front of his sick and pregnant wife and all those people who were like family to him? I do give them credit once again though, for letting him go out with the character he had grown to be. He loved Maggie and even through a smashed skull with blood dripping down his face, tries to muster the words, “Maggie, I’ll find you.”

So, while unfair to watch them both go, I do respect the way they did it. Both Glenn and Abraham were too tough to let a walker get them, so I’m glad they didn’t get killed off in some cheesy way like that.

This episode definitely left me mourning the loss of Abraham and Glenn. But, it also left me wondering, would Glenn have died if Rosita had looked at the bat like Negan had said to? If Daryl hadn’t stuck up for Rosita, would she have died? Would Glenn have died? Part of me is so mad at Rosita and Daryl for that. Their deaths leave me with so many unanswered questions. My biggest question and ultimately my biggest fear, if the Glenn died the first episode of this season, who else is going to die throughout the season? Are any of them safe? The only way to find out is to keep watching, but in the future I will definitely keep a box of tissues by my side.

You just never know who’s gonna die.



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