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ArtPrize Announces top 20 submissions

Crowd watches top 20 announcement at Rosa Parks Circle

The top 20 publicly voted finalists for this years ArtPrize have been announced.

The two-dimensional finalist entries are “Ashes to Ashes” by Jacqueline Gilmore, at the B.O.B. “Portraits of Light and Shadow” by Joao Paulo Goncalves, at the Devos Place Convention Center. “Continental U.S” by Valerie Hollstein and “Sand Sturgeon” by xx at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. Finally, “Protect and Serve” by Andrew J. Woodstock, also at the B.O.B.

The Three Dimensional finalists are “VICTORY” by THECHAIRmen at Homewood Suites in downtown. “Wounded Warrior Dogs” by James Mellick at the Amway Grand Plaza. “Imagine If” by Robin Protz also at the Amway. “Invasive Species” by Shiny Seed at the corner of Monroe Ave. and Pearl St.  And “One Thousand Shacks” by Tracey Snelling at the UICA.

The Installation finalists are “Sweet Spot” by Causey Daniel Studio located at Brush Studio. “Ditch Lily Drawingf” by Nathan Lareau at Frederik Meijer Gardens. “The Butterfly Effect” Pettit Smith at the Devos Place Convention Center. “Rock Around” by Aaron Zenz at the Children’s Museum. And “250 Prepared ac-motors, 325kg roof laths, 1.0km rope” by Zimoun at the Rumsey St. Sitelab.

The Time Based finalists are “Sweeper’s Clock” by Maarten Baas at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. “Hoot” by Laurel Bahe at Courtyard Marriott Downtown. “Higher Ground” by Hillerbrand-Magsamen also of the Art Museum. “Emoh: sculpture/time capsule & temporary home” by Loren Naji at Rosa Parks Circle. And “Trout Bike” by Andrew Rockwood at Peppino’s Pizzeria and Sports Lounge.

Round two of voting begins Oct. 2nd and goes until 11:59 p.m.Oct. 6.