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ArtPrize Eight artist Joshua Clark: Meditation and “The Genesis”

Joshua Clark and his ArtPrize entry "The Genesis".

By Karsen Leek

Nestled in downtown Grand Rapids, on Monroe Ave between The Amway Grand Plaza and Ruth’s Steakhouse, stands Joshua Clark, 41, of Grand Rapids, a new contestant to Artprize Eight with his debut piece “The Genesis.”

“I’ve been out here for two and a half or three straight weeks, basically, out here pounding the pavement,” Clark said. “Talking to people, making sure they understand where this is coming from (the piece) and why I do it.”

“The Genesis” is made out of plywood, carved by a CNC machine, which a essentially a 3D printer.

“This is the first of its kind, it’s a further step in the evolution of drawings that I have done in the past. It just got more and more advanced and detailed.” Clark said

Clark said he was inspired by meditation.

“There’s no thematic, emblematic or symbolic portions to it,” Clark said. “There are no cultural references, there’s no anything. It is just a meditation.”

Clark has already sold his entry and two other original pieces and he hopes to enter ArtPrize next year as well. Clark said he got what he hoped for from this year’s ArtPrize,  “and then some.”

Clark can be reached at, info@illustratornow.net.


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