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ArtPrize Eight artist Lane Cooper: Therapy through art

“Wildlife Crossing” artist Lane Cooper with his piece outside of First (Park) Congregational Church.

By Jesse Shira – Collegiate Staff

People create art for many reasons, whether it is to express yourself or to bring awareness to social issues. Lane Cooper uses art as his form of therapy.

Cooper, of Freeport, has entered ArtPrize for the sixth time this year with a sculpture he crafted out of a variety of scrap metal.

“Wildlife Crossing” (entry number 63325)  is a seven foot tall sculpture of a large Blue Heron Crane, as well as some other smaller creatures surrounding it.

Cooper took art classes in high school and college. Early in his career as an artist he would craft with wood, but after he fell down a flight of stairs and sustained a closed head injury in 2003, he began to experiment with scrap metal.

“I thank God daily for the inspirations within me and for giving me the talent to express it.” Cooper said. “My ability to create art has been a great therapy for my head injury.”

Cooper said the sculpture took over half a year to construct, and was given a clear coat finish so that it may remain outside for over 30 years. After ArtPrize, he would like to see it installed on a walking trail or at a nature center.

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