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Students react to new vending machines on campus

One of GRCC's new "Seattles Best Coffee" Machines sits on the 3rd Floor in the Main Building.

By Karsen Leek – Collegiate Staff

Students and staff use the vending machines on campus for anything from a quick snack to an easy meal. But this year, Grand Rapids Community College added a few new features and even a few new machines. Most of the new machines now have flashing lights to draw attention to hungry patrons eager for a quick snack. They now also accept credit or debit cards as a form of payment.

Student Jeffery Lee, 19, of Grand Rapids stated that he likes the snack machines and wants more variety. “There should be more snacks, I don’t really care if they are healthy, I just would like more options.”

The Credit and Debit options on the new machines can also help make snacks more accessible to students/staff who don’t normally carry cash on hand.

Student Nikki Fletcher, 25, says she likes the credit/debit card options. “I like the debit card option because I never carry cash. I was excited when they put them on the machines because I don’t like using my raider card either.”

Student Nikki Fletcher, 25, next too the Dasani machine on the 4th floor.
Student Nikki Fletcher, 25, next to the Dasani machine on the 4th floor. Karsen Leek

But the new flashy machines do come with a few hiccups.

GRCC Police Officer Coulson stated that not all feedback has been positive about the new machines. “We’ve had mixed reviews/reports about these machines. That students cards were charged more than the display price. Also that the machines are flashy but not as efficient as the old ones.”

The College has also added a few new Seattle’s Best Coffee machines, which gives students access to a quick cup of coffee for less than two dollars a cup.

Zach Heitzman, 19, Grand Rapids, was trying his his first cup of Seattle’s Best, he was unhappy with the fact that the coffee machine didn’t take raider cards. “It’s kind of stupid that a machine at the school doesn’t take raider cards.” Heitzman stated as he sipped his Caramel Cappuccino. “But this is really good.”

Student Zach Heitzman, 19, pictured Above enjoying his hot cup of Joe.
Student Zach Heitzman, 19, pictured above enjoying his hot cup of Joe. Karsen Leek

Officer Coulson also commented on the coffee aswell saying that, “The good thing about the new coffee is that is always hot.”

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  1. The vending machines that do take cards are probable on a two tier price structure, meaning if you pay with cards it cost a bit more to cover the surcharge that the vending operators are charged by card companies. The school charge card may not be able to tie into a payment system with the machines, look at your school card processing company for assistance in this area. Don’t know who makes that coffee machine as I have never seen it in the industry,


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