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Hillary Clinton rallies at GVSU


Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton rallied at Grand Valley State University today, just hours before Election Day. With Michigan as a battleground state, both candidates are making appearances in Grand Rapids today to rally voters before tomorrow.

Clinton spoke to the roaring, supportive crowd on the economy, jobs and her opponent Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

“The choice in this election could not be clearer,” Clinton said as the crowd cheered. “This election is basically between division and unity. It’s between strong and steady leadership or a loose cannon who could put everything at risk. It is between an economy that works for everyone or one that is even more stacked for those at the top.”

“And I want each and every one of you to be thinking … about all the issues you care about, because although my name and my opponent’s name will be on the ballot, those issues and those values are on the ballot as well.”

Clinton took some time to poke fun at her opponent, Trump.

“Did any of you see the debates?” Clinton asked the crowd, who cheered in response. “Well, first of all, I did stand for four and a half hours with Donald Trump on the stage, proving conclusively I have the stamina to be president.”

The latest poll for Michigan shows Clinton with 45.4 percent of the vote and Trump with 42 percent.

Being in Michigan, Clinton talked about bringing jobs back to manufacturers.

“We are going to invest in new jobs in advanced manufacturing,” Clinton said. “If we have a plan, and we actually commit to fulfilling that plan, we can lead the world in precision machining, in 3-D printing. We’re not competing for low wage jobs, we’re competing with Germany for high manufacturing, high skilled jobs.”

Clinton told the audience that if they believed in having a fair economy, they have to go vote.

“I believe in hard work, that’s how I was raised,” Clinton said. “But I also believe that if you work hard and you work full time, you shouldn’t still be in poverty at the end of the year. I want to raise the national minimum wage.”

Clinton also talked about affordable child care, free two-year college and minimizing student debt.

“I really believe America’s best days are still ahead of us if we reach for them together,” Clinton said. “Our core values are being tested in this election, but my faith in our future has never been stronger.”

After the rally, Patrick Mccully was urging people walking out of the fieldhouse to vote for Clinton.

“She is the answer for change,” said Mccully, 58, a nursing student at Grand Rapids Community College.

“I feel that she will not only help people with education and healthcare, she will go ahead and bring us together and not divide us as a country,” Mccully said. “I’ve watched Hillary for 30 years and I think she’s a wonderful human being regardless of what media puts out.”

Mamie Graziano, 64, of Grand Rapids, said she is a lifelong democrat, but will be voting third party for this election. She was outside the rally with a sign and fliers telling people about Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, third party presidential and vice presidential candidates, respectfully.

“When Bernie Sanders got into the race, I was very committed,” Graziano said. “During that time, I started to see what I like to call the ‘underbelly of my own party.’ Behind closed doors, what was really going on, the corruption, the big money influence, the willingness to do things unscrupulous, but also maybe even not legal, to promote one candidate over the other.”

“That made me realize that I needed to stay involved, keep informed… stay educated on what’s going on.”

Later tonight, Trump will hold at rally downtown Grand Rapids. It starts at 11 p.m. at DeVos Place, 303 Monroe Ave NW.