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Ivanka, Tiffany Trump speak in West Michigan Monday morning

Ivanka and Tiffany Trump answering questions at the Pinnacle Center this morning.

By Jordyn Horton – Collegiate Staff

Ivanka and Tiffany Trump, daughters of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, were at the Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville this morning answering questions from the community.

They answered questions about education, the economy, and the American people. Tiffany talked about some of the topics her father is focused on addressing.

“For millennials, job opportunities, better wages, all of these are things my dad is so focused on,” Tiffany Trump said.

Ivanka talked about the need for jobs and lack of job opportunity.

“Ultimately we need jobs, that is the hope,” Ivanka Trump said. “I speak to so many parents, you know people like me, on the older end of the millennial spectrum, who they’re the first generation that feels like there’s not better opportunity for their children than the generation that preceded.”

“That’s so core to the American Dream, the fact that you work hard, you build a good life, you’re diligent, you’re persistent, and you’re able to give your children a better platform,” Ivanka continued. “That’s disappearing, that vision and that reality for so many families. It’s enormously important to bring it back, and you know it starts with creating opportunity and hope, and the need to get the economy going to realize that.”  

Ivanka also talked about trade and restarting the economy.

“We talked about trade a lot in Michigan, this has been just a core issue here because people here see it every day,” Ivanka said. “It’s not some abstract concept of how bad trade deals have affected communities, it’s affected friends and neighbors everywhere you look.”

Regulatory reform is an issue that Ivanka hears most frequently from citizens, and she says that her father has been a huge proponent of regulatory reform.

​Signs outside of the Pinnacle Center.
​Signs outside of the Pinnacle Center. Jordyn Horton

“There are some regulations that are great and important and central,” Ivanka said. “Then there’s the over regulation that is depressing the entrepreneurial spirit and is making it almost impossible to open a business and grow a business and enable it to thrive.”

“Those two elements are so core to restarting the economy and getting it going. In addition to comprehensive tax reform, which is very important to enabling businesses to grow and families to be able to save.”

Ivanka shared with the community some of the things she’s learned about the American people through Trump’s campaign.

“It has been so incredible to meet so many people, and any way I look at it this has been the most mind expanding experience of my life,” Ivanka said. “It hasn’t always been easy, politics is tough. We’re not a family of politicians, so nothing prepared us for this experience from a process perspective or an emotional perspective in a certain way as family members, but for any of that negativity it’s so counterbalanced by the love and the support and the enthusiasm, and the excitement everyone we meet has for this promise of a better future under a Trump presidency, and it’s been a beautiful thing for me to experience and an amazing thing.”

“It’s been an amazing sort of validation to see it reaffirmed consistently over and over again, is just how much the people of this country love America, how passionate they are about this country,” Ivanka said. “It’s been enormously touching and moving for me to just see that across the board wherever I go.”